2011-2012. Mills College, Oakland, CA. single subject teaching credential in art.

2003-2008. San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, BFA

Exhibition Experience

June 2016. Common AREA Maintenance, Essential Skimming, Seattle, WA, group exhibition. 

April 2016. Parking Lot Art Fair, Be Quiet Coyote, San Francisco, CA, collaborative installation with Sara Kerr.

April 2016. Less Space, Medium Quiet, Oakland, CA, solo exhibition. 

August 2015. SuRa Gallery, Near Time, Berkeley, CA, select three person exhibition. 

November 2014. Less Space, Floating Worlds, Oakland, CA, select two person exhibition.

August 2012. Pikes Falls Chamber Music Festival, Horse Hair and Latex, Jamaica, VT, select two person exhibit.

May 2012. Youth UpRising, Oakland, CA, select group exhibition.

April 2012. Pro Arts, Construct, Oakland, CA, solo sculpture show.

February 2011. Museum of Radio and Electricity, Bellingham, WA, select group exhibition.

March 2010. Live Art Gallery, All Thumbs, San Francisco, CA, select three person exhibition.

June 2008. Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA, select three person exhibition.

November 2007. Dean's Gallery, Loewy and Loewy, Lafayette, La, select two person exhibition.

May 2006. Michelle O'Conner Gallery, Handmade, San Francisco, CA, select group exhibition.

Selected Awards and Collections

2003. University of North Carolina School of the Arts, exhibition and permanent collection.

2012. Pro Arts, Individual Artist Grant.